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Nice Colors and 8 Hours of Playing

Mr. Ray: 'The colors on this set are really nice! The battery lasted me about 8 hours of paying TLOZ BotW. The rumble feels good and the size of the controller is bigger than the switch's so it's my preferred set when playing single player. '

Grip is very comfortable

Garrett Zecker: ' It is a wonderful accessory for any gamer who loves to play their Switch undocked. The grip of the controller is very comfortable and ensures a delightful gaming experience. While playing, the grip can help with some fatigue that may come with holding the Switch like a handheld console for long periods of time, and it's also straightforward to use and require no additional setup. '

Good Quality and Affordable

Victor Gonzales: 'Got this dual usb charging station as soon as we got our PS5 console. Delivery was fast and it charges good and it's very compact and portable. I really matches the PS5 design and quality is good. Definitely a good buy and it's very affordable and I can recommend it to friends.'

Ergonomic Design Help Hand Cramps

Haloh: 'Recently with a lot more online university work I’ve been getting cramps and this mouse has helped a lot. It has mouse buttons which are programmable (you need to use custom 3rd party software though) which makes controlling volume from the mouse easy. It’s so much more comfortable than the older mouse and it feels just right in the hand."